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  1. #1 Piper
    6. Oktober 2016

    Very good interview, but one point is missing:

    Meta data itself is not that evil, it becomes evil if it’s linked with data from other sources.

    As shown in the picture at the beginning of Klaus’ post “Why meta data matters” shows it perfectly.

    Telephone companies must store data about every phone call, phone number, timestamp, duration for a given time (6 months, if i am not mistaken).

    This itself is harmless, but it becomes dangerous, if you link the phone number with the name of the owner of that phone number.

    Meta data becomes even more evil if you mix different data sources, like phone calls, bank transactions, flight bookings, emails sent, and sort them by time stamp.

    So the evil thing at all is not analyzing traffic of ONE MEDIA like phone calls, emails, flight booking, banking stuff, but LINKING it all together.

    If a phone company only stores your phone number and the phone numbers you called, timestamp of that call and duration, that is harmless, but if some evildoers link that data with other data, like the name of the phone number owner, and then with the emails of the owner and then banking transactions and, and and, then it really becomes dangerous.

    So, my very own opinion is, that linking data together is more dangerous than just traffic analysis of a single media, like phone calls or sent emails.