The greatest European crypto history event ever will take place in May 2017. So, save the date, consider handing in a paper, and come to Bratislava!

So far, crypto history events have taken place mainly in the USA. The largest one is the biannual NSA Symposium on Cryptologic History hosted in the Washington area. The 2017 issue will take place next October. The second regular crypto history gathering is the Charlotte International Crypto Symposium organised by Enigma expert Jim Oram. As the name suggests, this symposium takes place in Charlotte, NC. It’s a biannual event, too, with the next issue being scheduled for March 2018.

I attended the NSA Symposium in the years 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, as well as the Charlotte Symposium in 2012, 2014 and 2016. All of these events were phantastic experiences, but for years I have been thinking that something is missing: a large, regular crypto history event in Europe. After a great Voynich manuscript conference has taken place in Rome (2012) and after a number of non-regular crypto history conferences have been held in Heusenstamm, Prague, Luxemburg and Kassel, we certainly know that there is enough interest in Europe for such a regular meeting.


Introducing the Euro HCC

Thanks to Prof. Arno Wacker (University of Kassel), Prof. Bernhard Esslinger (University of Siegen), Otokar Grosek (University of Technology in Bratislava), Karol Nemoga (Slovak Academy of Sciences), and a few others, my wish for an annual European crypto history event has now become reality. I hereby proudly present:

The European Historical Ciphers Colloquium 2017 (Euro HCC)

May 18-19, 2017

Castle Smolenice near Bratislava, Slovakia


The Euro HCC will take place at a castle near Bratislava, Slovakia. This location is said to be especially beautiful.


I  have the honor of being a member of the organizing committee. I am looking forward to meet notable people from the crypto history scene, like George Lasry (master-codebreaker), Dermot Turing (nephew of Alan Turing), Nicolas Courtois (famous cryptologist), Arno Wacker (leading German crypto professor), and Joachim von zur Gathen (another leading German crypto professor) – just to name a few.


Call for Papers

To make the Euro HCC an unforgetable crypto experience we need great presentations. I therefore encourage everybody interested in crypto history to submit a presentation proposal, which will be evaluated by the organizing committee. The conference language is English. The length of a presentation is expected to be 30 minutes (including Q&A). Submissions from those who are new to the field, particularly students, are very welcome. There will be a participation fee for speakers and attendants (the amount has not yet been set).

For more information about proposing a presentation please refer to the Call for Papers.

I’m sure, the Euro HCC will be an outstanding event. I would especially enjoy meeting many of my blog readers there. So, save the date, consider handing in a paper and register! See you in Bratislava!


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