A gamer has offered a reward for solving two ciphers appearing in a video game. This gives you the chance to make money on your codebreaking skills.

Do you know the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III? Honestly, I don’t. However, I recently read about this game in a Facebook post published by James Simpson in the Cryptograms & Classical Ciphers group. As it seems, Call of Duty: Black Ops III consists of several maps, one of which is named “Der Eisendrache” (German for “The Iron Dragon”). The following video gives an impression on how this game looks like:

This video has been made by a gamer, who is particularly interested in the solutions of five cryptograms that appear in the game. For two of them she even offers a reward of $50 for the first one to find the solution. The details of this challenge are given in the video.


The cryptograms that might earn you money

Here’s the first cryptogram that might earn you money:


And here’s the second one:


Both of these cryptograms are located on the “Der Eisendrache” map. Can a reader solve them? If yes, get the money and afterwards explain in the comment section how you did it!

As it seems, there are eleven more cryptograms on the “Der Eisendrache” map, but all of them have been solved. Check here for details.


Three more challenges

The video contains three more encrypted messages the solution of which isn’t known. They are not part of the “Der Eisendrache” map. There’s no reward for solving them. Here they are:




If you can solve any of these challenges, let me know.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13501820
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/763282653806483/

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Kommentare (9)

  1. #1 pakab
    18. Januar 2017

    The one red picture starting with the “TheGiant” returns “superhero” in Solitaire Analysis.

  2. #2 pakap
    18. Januar 2017

    ..or superhero was just the last word tested from the dictionary

  3. #3 Berlin
    18. Januar 2017

    Mir fällt es schon schwer solch ein Thema im Deutschen zu folgen, aber im Englischen bin ich völlig ausgeschlossen. Könnte es nicht möglich sein eine deutsche Version einzubrinegen?
    Gruß Bernhard

  4. #4 Ulrich
    18. Januar 2017

    Text #1 (The Castle)
    Hello you, I’m arranging wordcyphers and
    this year’s are pretty weird, sorry. You can also (always, alternatively) use
    magnifiers, and (naturally) also a camera. I do wish you’ll send me your photo…
    All (Well) you like (love) for your oversights is ranting the operator.
    Not only he knows, but also okays you.
    Zoom yourself in only onto you. Greetings, you lovely zanies (zealots, zombies)

  5. #5 Klaus Schmeh
    18. Januar 2017

    @Ulrich: Looks good! As it seems, it’s not an encrypted text but a fill-in-the blank text.

  6. #6 Ulrich
    20. Januar 2017

    Eigen-Kommentar zu #4 (in Deutsch, speziell für Berhard/Berlin #3 :), wie ich die Epistel lese: a) Tätigkeitsbericht des dortigen Operators, “Was mache ich gerade”; b) Antwort auf eine Anfrage: “Natürlich ist eine Lupe erlaubt”; c) “Wenn Ihr Mist baut, beschimpft nicht mich, sondern Euch selbst”. —- Schöne Grüße aus Berlin an Euch alle, Ihr Cryptomaniacs

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  8. #9 Ulrich
    24. März 2017

    Text # 2 (untitled)

    [System identical with text #1 (“The Castle”, solution proposed, see also #4 and #5, above): Fill-In- and Initial-Letters code. Punctuation added by myself. This text #2 was much harder to solve, because of fewer cue-letters. Solution thus plausible but not provable. Your improvements are welcome ! U.]

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    Keeping Up toNus, ovER GYmnastics: You Will Keep JOLly Cool,
    FEeling Exalted Keeping yoUr Body Young. eXciTement oR eXAltAtion Never Will
    PAss. eVen yoUr aVersions You’ll Soon Overcome. – Quell Your
    unDErstandable Yen For Only GAZing Into iT.
    If yoU Indicate Being water-ShY Nobody Will Mind. Dawdling withOut Questions
    Makes It MoRe enJOYABle, EQually !