Frode and Olaf broke this message with their new method. The cleartext is: An Roem Eins Berta x Quartiermeispcr Panz x Gruppe x Ostrow Ostrow x Kasernengelzenme.

The paper of Frode Weierud and Olaf Ostwald shows that even in the year 2017 there is still progress in the field of Enigma cryptanalysis. I’m looking forward to more interesting results of this kind.

Further reading: How the Enigma evolved from complex to simple
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Kommentare (9)

  1. #1 George Lasry
    7. Februar 2017

    This is without doubt a very impressive achievement, with a problem previously considered as intractable. It involved new creative and innovative approaches. Well done!

  2. #2 Klaus Schmeh
    7. Februar 2017

    Bart Wenmeckers via Facebook:
    Very nice Klaus.
    Here is a 44con presentation on enigma that may be also of interest.

  3. #3 Klaus Schmeh
    7. Februar 2017

    @Bart Wenmeckers:
    Thanks for the link. I met Ben Gatti and Bob Weiss at the Charlotte Crypto Symposium a few years ago.

  4. #4 Detlev Vreisleben
    7. Februar 2017

    “Quartiermeister” und “Kasernengelaende” gibt wohl mehr Sinn

  5. #5 Thomas
    8. Februar 2017

    “a further improved fitness function” – What is the improvement (in a nutshell)?

  6. #6 Rainer Boldhaus
    8. Februar 2017

    The paper “Modern Breaking of Enigma Ciphertexts” is ready for download on Frodes website “Cryptocellar”(Authors copy).

  7. #7 Thomas
    8. Februar 2017

    Thank you, Rainer, very interesting!

  8. #8 Frode & Olaf
    14. Februar 2017

    @ George: Many thanks for the very friendly and encouraging comment.

    @ Detlev: The plaintext, as quoted by Klaus, is the “raw” plaintext, meaning the exact decryption of the ciphertext with the recovered key. Authentical messages often contain garbles. The emending is not always as easy as in the given case, which contains four garbles. Another example with no less than 30 garbles is presented in the article.

    @ Thomas: A “fitness function” is not mentioned in the article. Although generally important, it is not the key element for improving the breaking ability in the case of short and/or garbled messages. The decisive boost is rather produced by a partial exhaustion of the plugboard, meaning starting with an empty plugboard and plugging all “promising” or assumingly effective plugs.

  9. #9 Mohamed
    16. Oktober 2019

    Does anyone know if Germany made any improvements to the Enigma