My recent article about Brazilian student Bruno Borges, who has mysteriously vanished and has left behind encrypted notes, has attracted much attention. Most of Borges’ notes seem to be deciphered. However, there is at least one passage that still waits to be solved.

Alien-obsessed psychology student Bruno Borges from Brazil is still missing. The 24-year old was last seen on Monday, April 3, 2017. The reasons for his disappearance are still unclear. Some even believe he has been abducted by aliens (I certainly don’t). Borges was working on a mysterious project before he vanished, asking several relatives for funding. A video of the inside of his bedroom was leaked online. Apparently, Borges turned his room into a shrine to the extraterrestrial world, while his parents were on a vacation trip. He removed all the furniture and put up an expensive statue.


Borges’ encryptions

What makes Borges’ vanishing interesting for this blog is the fact that he has left behind 14 encrypted books (I took them on my encrypted book list) and other encrypted notes. In my first article about Borges’ disappearance I presented two excerpts from his writings. Here they are:

Bruno-Borges-Cryptogram-2     Bruno-Borges-Cryptogram

Meanwhile I have found a third excerpt online:


The solution

Borges’ code is solved. As I had expected, these notes are encrypted in a simple substitution code (i. e., a monoalphabetic substitution cipher, also known as MASC). Here is the substitution table (taken from a page that automatically transfers Borges’ symbols into standard letters):


The cleartext is in Portuguese. Here are a few lines of it:

Caminho Difícil
Por milhares de anos o ser humano vem tentando encontrar respostas para perguntas como “qual o sentido da vida”? A filosofia que ao que tudo indica, parece ter se iniciado com Tales de Mileto em meados de 700 a.C. visa encontrar vestígios de perguntas sem respostas. A pesquisa profunda pela verdade absoluta advém da filosofia, e quando falamos a respeito de caminhos fáceis ou difíceis estamos nos referindo a esse tipo de teorema.

the following is an English translation of this paragraph (thanks to Thomas for posting):

The Hard Way
For thousands of years the human being has been trying to find answers to questions like “what is the meaning of life”? The philosophy that seems to have begun with Tales of Miletus in the middle of 700 BC seems to find traces of unanswered questions. The deep search for absolute truth comes from philosophy, and when we talk about easy or difficult paths we are referring to this type of theorem.


Another cryptogram

On one of the pictures displayed online an encrypted text can be seen that is encrypted in a different way (thanks to merzmensch for the hint):


To my knowledge the solution of this note is unknown. Can a reader break it?

Further reading: Fleissner challenge: can this cryptogram be broken?


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Kommentare (18)

  1. #1 Thomas
    15. April 2017

    If you scroll down in the link, the 6th photo shows more text encrypted in this letter cipher.

  2. #2 Klaus Schmeh
    15. April 2017

    You’re right, here’s some more:

  3. #3 Tobradamus
    16. April 2017

    Hallo, ich habe die Lösung für zum ersten Foto.

    Es ist die/seine Beschreibung seines Wesens.

    M (13er Buchstabe) ist getrennt, also 1 und 3. Astrlogisch gesehen:

    Da es über allem steht ist es sein dominierender Lebenspfad (4.)

    Aus den wieder getrennten Buchstaben und Quersummen ergibt sich jeweils:

    GHFCE (Lebenspfadnummer 11)

    ECGHH (wieder Lebenspfadnummer 4)

    Tja, wir hätten uns wohl gut verstanden.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  4. #4 Klaus Schmeh
    16. April 2017

    Danke für die Hinweise. Leider habe ich das noch nicht ganz verstanden. Was bedeutet dieses Kryptogramm im Klartext?

  5. #5 Tobradamus
    16. April 2017

    Wie geschrieben , ist es nur eine “Wesens-Beschreibung” seines inneren Selbst, die im Grunde nur erklärt wie und warum er ist wie er ist. Quasi ein Foto seiner Seele.

  6. #6 Tobradamus
    16. April 2017

    Die unteren 3 Kryptogramme dürften somit also für untergordnete Lebenswege stehen (darum auch kleiner geschrieben als die obigen).

    Diese ergeben:

    UH : Lebenpfad 11.
    YR : Lebenspfad 7.

    und doppelt verschlüsselt:
    SZ MF: Lebenspfad 1.
    SM sowie ZF: Lebenspfad 5 ergeben.

  7. #7 Tobradamus
    16. April 2017

    Achso ist natürlich nur meine pers. Einschätzung bzw. der für einzig logische Schluß daraus.


  8. #8 Tobradamus
    16. April 2017


    Er hat sich schon sehr gut informiert und ein nettes Kunstwerk auf die Beine gestellt.

    Mal schaun was noch so alles an Übersetzungen auftaucht, bevor er wieder auftaucht. 🙂

  9. #9 kud gt
    17. April 2017

    Was Tobradamus schreibt, trifft sich gut, mit dem was von C3011 in den Videos des aktuellen “ausgewählten” Messengers von C3011 (und tengri, der/die mit ihm chattenden Transscript: auftaucht:

    Die erste “Rose” ist anscheinende mit dem Türkei-Referendum erblüht…

    Wird einigen nicht gefallen – das, mit der Wendung dieser “Rätsel” und den Hintergründen.

  10. #10 kud gt
    17. April 2017

    Spooky Mulder lässt grüßen. 😉

    Und Bruno hängt da wohl mit drin.

    Update zu C3301 (nicht autocorretur C3011, wie oben)
    2 hours? The Tulip of Turkey

  11. #11 Tobradamus
    17. April 2017

    Hier mal ein schöner Beitrag zu Bruno Giordano, um zu verstehen warum “unser” Bruno diese/seine Geschichte erwählt hat, da ich vermute die meisten haben nie von ihm gehört.

    Giordano Bruno – Ehrenvorlesung (Jochen Kirchhoff)

  12. #12 Jorence
    3. August 2017

    I belive first leter is A cripted to m
    Then TO is crypted to QC
    IN is cryped to CZ .when i checked all diffrence are odd number so the number differ for each cyper by 3 and befor the line and after the line there is calculation like privious diffrence+3 and -3

  13. #13 Akash
    3. August 2017

    Please dont mess with his room leave everything the way it is ( you can take only notes but not those pasted on walls) check them on full moon night and keep checking and searching his room but dont displace anything and that statue is main ,try to find any secret room or any hiding place in that room without distrubing those stuffs ,i sure you will find something important.

  14. #14 SAbbir ahmed
    3. August 2017

    Read it backwards

  15. […] frattempo, i messaggi in codice sono stati decrittati: si tratta di un cifrario molto semplice, monoalfabetico (a ogni lettera è stato sostituito un simbolo). La famiglia decide di far […]

  16. #16 Satyam Chaurasia
    4. Mai 2018

    I think this handwriting is mashup of Brazilian and American besides of them if they check the statue carefully and not touch any wall which have codes. Also check secrets blocks or room.

  17. #17 Harpreet singh
    2. April 2020

    I my view, please first is words is match with, old words, which is find in ajata, or some other historical places

  18. #18 avay
    Similar text
    5. April 2020

    It is matching the India “Asoka pillar edicts” texts