I hereby invite all my readers from Germany, France, UK and the Benelux region to join me at the “Top Secret!” exhibition in Mons, Belgium, next Saturday.

The Top Secret! A World of Codes and Ciphers is an exhibition about the history of cryptography. It takes place in Mons, Belgium from 10/10/2017 to 05/10/2018. It is curated by renowned cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater.

Check here for the exhibition web site.

I’m sure that many of my readers and friends, just like me, are interested in visiting this exhibition. I therefore contacted a few people and we agreed to meet there next Saturday (November 4th, 2017), which means that we will combine our visit with an informal crypto history enthusiasts meeting. Jean-Jacques Quisquater, the curator, will join us, so we will get a first-hand introduction to the exhibits. There will also be a common lunch or dinner.

If you are interested, please join us. If you plan to come, please send me a mail ([my_first_name]@schmeh.org).

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  1. #1 Jerry McCarthy
    England, Europa
    1. November 2017

    Slightly short notice for me, but I see that it runs for one year, so with luck I’ll get to see it later! MfG aus England.