Page 2, right:

и убили все живое умер
ли все и девы но самые
мудрые сохранить себ а
для времен грядущих со
здали они одну большую
пирамиду уходящую в не
дра легли туда телами
и сном вечным уснули

в центре камень в нем
сила и знания в нем и

Google translate provides the following English translation:

Page 1:

The book of the sleeping virgins

in the beginning there was nothing
only emptiness then fire
gave birth to everything from a needle to a
the sky of stars and of dust
the mighty forces were
Le tve? so let’s see (!)
land and for a long time not
there was nothing on her
emptiness and arose life

Page 2 , left:

there were grasses and trees
live [sic!] birds and birds and
there were virgins and were those
the virgins are beautiful and wise
they had the power of knowledge
and reason and created an ini-
city ​​of crystal and pi
ramis in the bowels of the outflow
so there was a kingdom
the virgin lived and lived happily
while the blue stone did not fall and
he entered the place in a tv
The ground of the soil is [] and grass
other bark became poison
ita and came out of them fish
grew tails and paws

Page 2, right:

and killed all living things died
Do all and virgins but the most
wise to keep
for the time to come
They were one big
the pyramid leaving in not
the drills went there with bodies
and sleep forever fell asleep

in the center there is a stone in it
strength and knowledge in it their

Only one question remains: what is this cleartext about? A reader of the online forum provided the following explanation:

It looks like an outline of a fantastic novel. Maybe the author used encryption to prevent his ideas from being stolen. In this case, I apologize profoundly to the author of the cryptogram.

Further reading: An extraordinary encrypted book: George Orwell’s “1984” enciphered in color

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Kommentare (3)

  1. #1 Thomas
    22. August 2018

    The right scan shows the title, it means ” notebook”. The left scan shows the back containing the name of the paper factory, an article number and the price.

  2. #2 Jerry McCarthy
    England, Europa
    23. August 2018

    …in the somewhat uninviting-sounding (to my English ear) city of “Swetogorsk”.

  3. #3 Klaus Schmeh
    25. August 2018

    Bart Wenmeckers via Facebook:
    Good work by Merzmensch. Personally I find foreign language ciphers of unknown type to rather challenging.