HistoCrypt 2019 (June 23-26 in Mons, Belgium) will feature a number of world-renowned invited speakers. If you want to speak at this event, too, submit a paper until March 22.

Most readers of this blog certainly know the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most important symmetric cipher in the world. AES was developed by Belgian cryptographers Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen. Joan and Vincent will give a joint speech at HistoCrypt 2019 about the history of AES.

It goes without saying that Joan’s and Vincent’s talk will be a highlight of the HistoCrypt event (June 23-26 in Mons, Belgium). However, there will be a few more notable invited speakers: René Zandbergen (the world’s leading Voynich manuscript expert), …

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…, Bart Preneel (another famous Belgian cryptologist), Marc Mc Menamin (book author) and Ingo Niebel (historian).


Submit a proposal

If you want to speak at HistoCrypt 2019 yourself, you can hand in a presentation proposal. The deadline is March 22. Check here for the Call for Papers. The event website is available here.

One goal of the organizers is to make HistoCrypt 2019 more attractive for non-academic speakers. For this reason, the conference will feature a so-called exposition track. This track is made for crypto machine collectors, crypto history book authors, journalists with an interest in crypto, Voynich Manuscript scholars and other crypto enthusiasts, who don’t want to write a scientific paper for the conference proceedings. The application process for the exposition track is simple and doesn’t require writing a comprehensive treatise. The content of the talk does not need to be new.

If you are a scientist, you might prefer the research track. For this track, you need to hand in a paper that describes original research. Papers accepted will be included in the conference proceedings.


Last year’s edition

Last year’s HistoCrypt took place in Uppsala, Sweden. The following video was taken there:

HistoCrypt 2018 was a great event. Many readers of this blog were attending, including Armin Krauß, George Lasry, Norbert Biermann, Nils Kopal, Jerry McCarthy, Marek Grajek, and Bernhard Esslinger. All in all, there were 55 attendees, 25 presentations, and two workshops. Beáta Megyesi …

Source: Schmeh

… and her team did a great job organizing this conference.

This time, Belgian cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater …

Source: Schmeh

… will be the Local Chair (i.e., the one who cares about the on-site activities). I am a member of the organizing team, too. As the Program Chair, I care about the submission and selection of the talks and about the conference agenda.

Registration for HistoCrypt 2019 will open in a few weeks. I can only recommend attending this unique conference. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Mons.

Further reading: A great event: the European Historical Ciphers Colloquium 2017

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  1. #1 TWO
    Mercur Hertul. the Hague
    19. Februar 2019

    Please keep us informed dear Klaus!

    We are persona non grata in Belgium right now.

    Many thanks!

  2. #2 Klaus Schmeh
    19. Februar 2019

    Bart Wenmeckers via Facebook:
    Sounds great. I wonder how the non scientific track will be recieved..

  3. #3 noch'n Flo
    20. Februar 2019

    I was just wondering: could you folks really detect a real cypher from my old tomcat running over the keyboard again and again… I’m definitely keen to put you to the test…