Two online games for crypto enthusiasts have been launched – one in Germany, one in Poland.

Like in the years before, Advent is crypto time. Two new crypto games are going to start soon or have already been started.

Before I proceed, let me again mention that my friends Paul Reuvers and Marc Simons from the Netherlands are going to co-host a crypto exhibition titled “Secret Communication” in Duivendrecht, NL. Check here for details. It starts on November 16, 2019. I plan to attend one week later, on November 23. Of course, I would be pleased to meet readers of this blog there.

Let me also mention that I will give a presentation at the Labortage in Bochum next Saturday (November 9th). This event is open to the public, a ticket costs 18 Euros.


Krypto im Advent

If you’re not a professional codebreaker, Krypto im Advent might be the crypto game of choice for you. Everybody is welcome to take part, but only adolescent persons can win a prize. There are two categories:

  • Beginners: this category is for children attending the third to sixth class of the German school system (10-13 years).

Source: Krypto im Advent

  • Advanced: this one is for the seventh to nineth class (13 to 16 years).

Source: Krypto im Advent

The game website is only available in German. The game starts on December 1st, 2020. There will be a new crypto puzzle every day until December 24th. Registration is already open.


The Codebreakers

The Codebreakers is an international crypto game dedicated to the Polish Enigma breakers in the Second World War. It is organized by a group of admirers of these. Since 2009, they have been organizing online cryptology games.

Source: The Codebreakers

The Codebreakers can be played in three levels of difficulty: trial, basic, and adventure. The trial and basic level parts have already started. The adventure level game starts on November 11th.

I wish all readers of this blog good luck in participating in these games.

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  1. #1 Klaus Schmeh
    8. November 2019

    New on my blog:
    Karin Isberg I have participated in three of them. It was great fun! Nice bling too.