In a Russian online forum, an encrypted book with similarities to the Voynich Manuscript is being discussed. This tome would be a sensational find if it was genuine – but it’s probably not.

In 1643, German aristocrat Carl von Rabenhaupt sent an encrypted letter to Amalie Elisabeth von Hessen-Kassel. Can a reader break this cryptogram?

NKRYPT, located in Canberra Australia, is a set of eight steel pillars that bear encrypted inscriptions. Today, I’m going to introduce one of these: the squircle cryptogram.

A challenge cryptogram from a 2012 puzzle book is still unsolved. The author will award a book copy to the first one who breaks it.

Luxury car producer Rolls-Royce is equipping some of its vehicles with hidden cipher messages. Two Germans play a major role in this marketing stunt.

NKRYPT is a set of eight steel pillars bearing encrypted inscriptions, located in Canberra Australia. Here are a few photographs of this artwork, along with some basic information.

Harry Houdini (1874-1926), illusionist and pioneer of the skeptics movement, had an interest in ciphers. Can you solve two encrypted telegrams he mentioned in one of his essays?

The Crypto Books page operated by Nils Kopal and Tobias Schrödel is the leading information source for books about historical cryptology. Currently, it has 541 entries.

A museum director from Switzerland is asking for help. Can a reader decipher the inscription on an executioner’s sword?

A German news magazine has published an encrypted message from a German 1970s terrorist. The solution is known, but some of the details remain unclear.