The Friedman Ring Challenge by Armin Krauß

Today I introduce a new prize for successful code breakers: the Friedman Ring. Whoever solves a cryptogram developed by Armin Krauß can win it.

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Many readers will remember: On April 27, 2021, I blogged about a crypto puzzle that book author Frank Schwellinger had sent me.

Quelle/Source: Schwellinger

After several weeks and a total of 102 reader comments, the solution was found. Anna Salpingidis and Christoph Tenzer were able to share the prize of 100 euros donated by Frank Schwellinger.

Quelle/Source: Salpingidis/Tenzer

Anna Salpingidis then came up with the idea of developing a crypto-puzzle herself. I published this “Annagram” on July 8, 2021:

Quelle/Source: Salpingidis

Also this time my readers did not remain idle. Armin Krauß, one of the best code breakers I know, was the first to present the correct solution.

Quelle/Source: Krauß

Comments that may have helped Armin came from Thomas Bosbach, Karo and Frank Schwellinger.


The Friedman Ring

Now I had an idea. After Armin Krauß had solved the second puzzle from this series, it would be logical if he would create the third one himself.

It reminded me of the Iffland Ring. This is an award for actors that goes back to the actor, playwright and theater director August Wilhelm Iffland (1759-1814). The Iffland Ring is awarded in the will of the previous owner to what he or she considers to be the best living male actor in German-language theater. The new bearer keeps the prize until his death and in turn bequeaths it to his chosen successor.

Since 2019, the current bearer of the Iffland Ring has been Jens Harzer, whom I must admit I only know from this context. From 1996 until his death, Bruno Ganz was the holder of the award. The latter starred in the films “Downfall” and “The Baader Meinhof Complex,” among others. Ganz’ Iffland Ring predecessor Josef Meinrad was also known to me from various television series.

Since 1978, there has been a comparable award for actresses, the Alma Seidler Ring.

Analogous to the Iffland and Alma-Seidler Rings, I hereby create the “Friedman Ring”. It is named after the married couple Elizebeth and William Friedman, who both went down in history as exceptional code breakers. Of course, this prize is awarded equally to men and women.

As former bearers of the Friedman Ring, I retroactively designate Frank Schwellinger, Anna Salpingidis and Christoph Tenzer. The current recipient is Armin Krauß.

The respective recipient of the Friedman Ring commits to develop a crypto puzzle and to make it available to me. Whoever solves this puzzle first is the new bearer.

At the moment, the Friedman Ring only exists virtually. Possibly, however, I will craft or have someone craft a real ring that can then be passed from one bearer to the next. Maybe a reader has an idea how to make such a trophy.

In previous challenges, there have been cash or non-cash prizes to be won. However, I do not want to expect every solver to donate a prize. Therefore, for the time being, there is only fame and honor to be won by Friedman Ring bearers.


Armin Krauss’ Friedman Ring Puzzle

After all the prefaces, it is now time for the riddle created by Armin Krauß. Here it is:

Quelle/Source: Krauß

Armin has told me that the difficulty level of his is, in my opinion, comparable to the previous challenges, so not too easy, but not too hard either. If the solution is too long in coming, Armin will provide hints.

One of the disadvantages of such a challenge is that every reader hint that is published as a comment can help another codebreaker to win. So I ask my readers not to be so selfish. If there is discussion in the forum about possible solutions, it makes things more exciting for everyone. Of course, I will acknowledge every comment that contributed to the solution accordingly.

Apart from that, I can only say: The race is on.

If you want to add a comment, you need to add it to the German version here.

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