The Friedman Ring Challenge by Christoph Tenzer

Two months ago Christoph Tenzer solved the challenge of Armin Krauß and is therefore the current bearer of the Friedman ring. Today I present Christoph’s new challenge. Whoever solves it will be his successor.

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The first person to solve the current crypto puzzle creates the next one. The Friedman Ring works according to this simple principle. It is a game named after the cryptologists William and Elizebeth Friedman. It is modeled on the Iffland Ring, which has been awarded to actors for centuries.

Two months ago, the third round of the Friedman Ring game ended. The last puzzle so far came from Armin Krauß. Christoph Tenzer was the first to solve it and thus became the new bearer of the Friedman Ring.

Quelle/Source: Tenzer

This results in the following list of carriers:

  1. Frank Schwellinger
  2. Anna Salpingidis und Christoph Tenzer
  3. Armin Krauß
  4. Christoph Tenzer

The infrastructure for the Friedman Ring is still under construction. There is a web page about it, which will surely become more detailed.

The respective recipient of the Friedman ring commits himself to develop a crypto puzzle and to make it available to me. Whoever solves this puzzle first will be the new bearer.


Christoph Tenzer’s cryptogram

And here comes the new challenge. Christoph provided it to me on the one hand as a video:

Also, there is the same puzzle as a picture:

Quelle/Source: Tenzer

Christoph wrote me: “I wanted to create a task where the encryption method is known from the beginning and is rather simple to boot. The plaintext is in English. I think the difficulty is rather high. But with hints you can simplify it again.”

Christoph has even offered a prize (although this is not required by the rules). There are 50 Euros (via Paypal) for the correct solution – split by contributions in the comments, if needed.

As often mentioned, one of the disadvantages of such a challenge is that every reader hint published as a comment can help another codebreaker to win. Therefore I ask my readers not to be so selfish. If there is discussion in the forum about possible solutions, it makes things more exciting for everyone. Of course, I will acknowledge every comment that contributed to the solution accordingly.

The race is on!

If you want to add a comment, you need to add it to the German version here.

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