The Voynich manuscript was covered in the latest episode of the German documentary TV series “Terra X”.

René Zandbergen is in my view the world’s leading Voynich manuscript expert. A talk he gave at HistoCrypt 2019 and his website provide interesting pieces of information.

A recently published paper introducing an alleged solution of the Voynich manuscript has received many critical comments. The negative feedback has caused the university the paper author works for to retract a press release .

A Polish publishing house has launched a new Voynich manuscript facsimile. Another Voynich replica – much smaller in size – is available as a doll house accessory.

Several Voynich Manuscript experts have published statements about the alleged Voynich Manuscript solution by Kondrak and Hauer. Here’s a summary.

The year 2018 has its first alleged Voynich Manuscript solution. This time, two researchers say that Hebrew is the language the enigmatic book was written in. What’s behind this new hypothesis?

Meanwhile over 50 scholars have claimed to have solved the Voynich Manuscript. The latest alleged solution was published earlier this week in a renowned literature magazine. Does it make sense?

At least 50 persons have claimed to have deciphered the Voynich Manuscript. A simple test I have developped helps to check whether a solution is correct.

Again, a new research work about the Voynich manuscript has been published. The author believes that the famous book was created by an Italian jew. Does this hypothesis make sense? Is the author trustworthy?

A Mexican astronomer claims to have found the representation of a solar eclipse in the Voynich manuscript. Is this a serious theory or yet another nonsense?