Here’s the cleartext: “Very unwell with acidity. Three days cost. I’ve cured by two aperient pills.” The details are available in this The Morning News article from December 2014.


Pigpen beer lable

Does a beer taste better if it bears a pigpen-encrypted text?


If a reader has ever tasted Keystone Mystic Ale, please let me know.


Pigpen letter

This is a Freemason letter written in the 18th century:



If you know other pigpen inscriptions, documents or labels, please tell me.

Further reading: Who can solve this Freemasonic rebus book?

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Kommentare (7)

  1. #1 Klaus Schmeh
    6. September 2016

    Mark Romo via Facebook:

    With some variations. Most interesting.

  2. #2 Klaus Schmeh
    6. September 2016

    David Allen Wilson via Facebook:

    Love the coffee mug!

  3. #3 Klaus Schmeh
    7. September 2016

    Bart Wenmeckers via Facebook:

    Very cool post the coffee mugs are great.
    Here is another famous Masonic grave stone in NY trinty church

  4. #4 Jerry
    7. September 2016

    #4. That link seems to be broken or damaged (at least for me), but I think that this is the same one:

  5. #5 tomtoo
    7. September 2016

    na du bist aber lustig jeder mensch weiss das die wichtigen WERTE im leben zwichen -2 und 2 liegen.

  6. #6 earonn
    7. September 2016

    Because cryptology is not really a field of mine, I only have a quick look here every now and then out of pure curiosity. So the pigpen is total news to me. How fascinating!

    And yeah, I love the mug with the misspelled encryption. 😉

    Thanks a lot.

  7. #7 Klaus Schmeh
    7. September 2016

    Bart Wenmeckers via Facebook:

    You’re everywhere Klaus 🙂…/cryptic-masonic-gravestones