op011 is a new internet game, the organizer of which is unknown. Readers who liked Cicada 3301 and Tengri 137 should take a closer look at it.

Do you remember Cicada 3301? For a couple of years this internet game kept puzzle and crypto freaks all over the world busy. It never became known who was behind this mysterious series of challenges and what the purpose of it was. The last Cicada 3301 challenge that was generally accepted as authentic surfaced in 2014. The authenticity of a few 2016 puzzles was disputed. Meanwhile I’m afraid that Cicada 3301 is dead.

Last year another internet crypto puzzle game of unknown origin started – Tengri 137. After a few nice challenges nothing more happened.



Earlier this day I received an email from blog reader John Haas from Austria. He informed me about a new mysterious internet game, which is currently discussed on Reddit. It is named op011 (oh-pee-zero-eleven). Here’s an introduction.

To start with op011 direct your browser to op011.com. The page you will see now looks like this:


Now click on the full stop after “clue”. The flashing you see now encodes a binary string:


Using Google binary this string translates to /9ha8n5ycimes0rxv. By appending it to the URL we get https://op011.com/9ha8n5ycimes0rxv/.  This page looks as follows:


This page contains the following character string:


Apparently, the meaning of these characters is not known. Does a reader have a clue?


An op011 video

Here’s a video explaining a few more op011 challenges and how to  reach them on the op011 web site:

If you find out more about op011 or if you have a solution to an unsolved challenge please let me know.

Further reading: Tengri 137: How my readers solved the second challenge within a few days

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Kommentare (2)

  1. #1 Marc
    28. Juli 2017

    Im Quelltext steht :
    “there are no rules, but brute forcing defeats the purpose”

  2. #2 Gerd
    29. Juli 2017

    in the meantime, a complete solution of op011 has been put together, see: