English actress Diana Dors left behind an encrypted message. This cryptogram allegedly leads to two million pounds.

The Playfair cipher is an encryption method from the 19th century. Some say that a Playfair-encrypted message of 50 or less letters is still secure today, if the method is used properly. Let’s put this claim to the test.

In 1905, an encrypted postcard was sent from San Francisco to Paris. Can a reader break it?

Bletchley Park, where the British broke the Enigma during WW2, is a must-see for everybody interested in crypto history. Last week, a new exhibition opened – in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Edward.

“The David Kahn Story” is a new Hollywood film, starring Sean Connery and Leonardo DiCaprio. I am a character in this movie, played by German actor Hape Kerkeling.