The encrypted inscription on the Kryptos sculpture located in front of the CIA building in Langley, Virginia, is the world’s most famous crypto puzzle. In March, a Kryptos gathering organized by Elonka Dunin will take place.

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How does the sculpture of a local Virginia artist become one of the most popular works of modern art in the world? Quite simply: the artist affixes an encrypted message to it, which then inspires puzzle fans all over the world.



This was the case with the sculpture Kryptos. This work of art made of stone and copper was created by US artist Jim Sanborn in 1989 on behalf of the US intelligence organisation CIA. Kryptos is located in front of the CIA headquarters in Langley, a suburb of Washington. The sculpture is not accessible to the public.

Source: Jim Sanborn/CC Licence Attribution Share-alike 3.0 Unported

The encrypted message on Kryptos consists of 869 letters. It comprises four parts not visibly separated from each other. It is now known that the first two parts are encrypted with a variant of the Vigenère cipher, while the third was created with a transposition cipher. The first two plaintexts were probably created by Sanborn himself, while the third represents an excerpt from the diary of archaeologist Howard Carter.

The first three Kryptos parts were solved by NSA cryptologists in 1992, by CIA employee David Stein in 1998 and by Jim Gillogly (a reader of this blog) in 1999. As neither the NSA nor the CIA published their results immediately, the NSA team, Stein, and Gillogly didn’t know of each other.


The mystery

The fourth part of the Kryptos inscription still waits to be deciphered. It reads as follows:


Over the years, the Kryptos inscription has become one of the most famous encrypted messages in the world and the world’s most renowned crypto puzzle. And thanks to the inscription, the Kryptos sculpture has become one of the most popular works of modern art – even if this popularity is mainly due to puzzle lovers and not to art lovers.

The fourth Kryptos part is included in almost every list of famous unsolved cryptograms I am aware of. There are chapters about it in my book Nicht zu knacken and in Craig Bauer’s Unsolved!. In addition, I wrote an article about Kryptos for the online edition of the German magazine Focus.

Jim Sanborn has always resisted the temptation to make a few quick dollars by creating additional encrypted artworks. One of the few exceptions is the Sanborn sculpture “Cyrillic Projector”, whose encrypted inscription has long been solved.

Contrary to Kryptos, the Cyrillic Projector is located in a public area.

For years, Sanborn remained silent about the encrypted message on Kryptos. It wasn’t until 2010 that he finally gave a hint: the letter combination NYPVTT in the fourth part of the message stands for BERLIN. Five years later he revealed: BERLIN is followed by CLOCK.

But even with the knowledge of the letter combination BERLINCLOCK standing for NYPVTTMZFPK, nobody has found the solution yet.


Elonka’s deciphering efforts

Meanwhile, there is a large group of Kryptos puzzlers, headed by US encryption expert Elonka Dunin.

Elonka has organized several Kryptos gatherings that took place right after the NSA Crypto History Symposium in the Washington area. I had the pleasure of taking part in some of these meetings.

Kryptos and Elonka (“Nola Kaye”) are mentioned in the Dan Brown novel The Lost Symbol. A film version of this novel has been announced for years, but so far it is unclear when and if it will be produced. It will be interesting to see who plays Elonka in this movie.

As Kryptos is not accessible to the public, only very few Kryptos enthusiasts have seen the original of the sculpture. Elonka is one of these few, as you can see here. Most others (including me) have to be content with pictures and models like the following one:


A TV documentary about Kryptos

Elonka has informed me that a TV crew planning to produce a documentary about Kryptos has contacted her. As this crew would like to film a few Kryptos enthusiasts chatting with each other, Elonka is preparing a Kryptos gathering for next month. It will take place in the DC area on the first March weekend (March 1, 2, or 3). The exact date will be announced shortly.

As part of this Kryptos documentary, Elonka is going to get a chance to visit the sculpture again. She is compiling a list of everything to check while she is onsite:

Is there anything with regards to Kryptos you would like to have checked by Elonka? If so, ask her to add it to her list. The deadline is February 28, 2019.

Further reading: Three crypto challenges created by master codebreaker Jim Gillogly


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Kommentare (14)

  1. #1 David A Wilson
    11. Februar 2019

    When I clicked on , I got an error page in German.

    However, when I copied the link directly into my browser, I accessed it with no problem. That being said, my ISP has been giving me trouble all morning.

  2. #2 TWO
    11. Februar 2019

    Small correction lieber Klaus :

    The CIA and the US Secret Service are two different agencies.

    Binary Systems (by Jim Sanborn) has several codes on it,

    deiner Ulli,

  3. #3 Klaus Schmeh
    11. Februar 2019

    David Allen Wilson via Facebook:
    “Elonka is preparing a Kryptos gathering for next month.” Whaaaaa…? That’s kind of short notice!

  4. #4 Klaus Schmeh
    11. Februar 2019

    @TWO: Thanks for letting me know. I changed “Secret Service” to “intelligence organisation”.

  5. #5 Klaus Schmeh
    11. Februar 2019

    Richard SantaColoma via Facebook:
    Great overview by Klaus, on his blog. The unsolved part of the Kryptos sculpture has been attacked by the most capable cryptologists in the world, yet defies all attempts.

    The artist, Jim Sanborn, has even given several hints… and seems a bit surprised that it has not yet been solved. In fact, at one of the Kryptos gatherings (hosted by my friend, Elonka), Sanborn stated something to the effect (paraphrased), “I thought it would take a couple of months”.

    A nice mystery, seemingly approachable… but so far, intractable.

  6. #6 Marc
    23. Februar 2019

    Ich hätte da mal eine Frage. Irgendwo hatte ich mal gelesen, dass man schonmal die Frage gestellt hat, ob in K4 eine “ähnliche” Transposition wie in K3 verwendet wird. Weiß jemand, was darauf genau geantwortet wurde, leider finde ich dazu nichts mehr. Am Besten wäre der genaue Wortlaut der Antwort, denn die Hinweise der Beiden verstecken sich oft auch zwischen den Zeilen.

  7. #7 Marc
    27. Februar 2019

    Q O B K R U O (X)
    M W M W M W X
    key: 3,4,24 (secret alphabet)

  8. #8 Name
    Or 20
    23. März 2019

    Lolz, I got something like Private taught kudzu for one possible interp for last line only, which is hilarious considering the part given about “Berlin Clock”, and how Germany now wants “peace”, and kudzu is from the “peas” family/genus:)

    Reminds me of that crop circle the “supposedly” looks like an aliens face with the alien holding up some kind of pi tablet…..I thought it looked more like an updated version of the old landing platform you can make out in old images representing the “sky” varuna/dyaus and the 3 spheres of course, perhaps a symbol of the big bang? Which if updated from old images looks more like the “alien face” in the crop circle, but actually some sort of “clock” tower…..again, this is all speculation, feel free to submit to Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorists:)

  9. #9 Philippe Huysmans
    10. April 2019

    The cryptogram is not 869 letters long but 870 symbols long including 4 question marks. Or am I counting wrong ?

    Afaik, the question marks are not encrypted.

    Hope that the next clue to be delivered by JS will not be yet another word following berlinclock, we could well be even more humiliated.

    In fact, even if I had the complete clear text, I would be unable to tell how it was enciphered.


  10. #10 AS
    12. April 2019


  11. #11 Naveen Gupta
    11. Juli 2019

    Open challenge from India to all the Crackers around the world. Decipher the message behind self designed crypto program.

    4A3G307XY 3S4R3GA 20E5F6Y5N9L302063INZ

  12. #12 Juha
    16. August 2019

    Is this right…

    ?When K come on So dissolves BS all Mr FB bava product croak that but Gucks 100 oats vat stretch j stretch at az Barley ej tomorrow fly Mr and them become the new festival waterside fun Become a and fort a just j height gig to happened

  13. #13 Juha
    17. August 2019

    Perhaps this is better way to try, (not with English)
    ? OB KR

  14. #14 Breaker
    22. Oktober 2019

    Strange that this is still a “mystery”

    With Colmer’s correct partial strands and the flip to layer two both matching in their use of the Kryptos Pyramid that Monet found, I think there is a ton of academic bias against the research presented already.

    Going on 4 years with K4, and 2+ years with Layer Two