Heute geht es um vier interessante Zuschriften zu unterschiedlichen Themen, die ich von Blog-Lesern erhalten habe. Ich hoffe, dass die eine oder andere Diskussion in Gang kommt.

U.S. journalist and book author A.J. Jacobs has interviewed Jim Sanborn, the creator of the Kryptos sculpture. Here’s a transcript of this talk.

Jim Sanborn, the creator of the famous Kryptos sculpture, said his third clue would be the last one. But now he has published another word that appears in the plaintext: EAST.

CNN.com, one of the most popular news portals in the world, has published an article about the Kryptos sculpture. And then, there’s a question about Kryptos I would like to ask my readers.

Richard Bean has made me aware of an in-depth interview US an art historian did with Jim Sanborn. A transcript of this talk has now been made available online.

Luxury car producer Rolls-Royce is equipping some of its vehicles with hidden cipher messages. Two Germans play a major role in this marketing stunt.

Jim Sanborn, creator of the famous Kryptos sculpture, has published a third clue: the word NORTHEAST appears in the plaintext of the unsolved message part.

In March, I blogged about a TV documentary about the Kryptos sculture produced by CNN. It has now aired and is available on Youtube.

The encrypted inscription on the Kryptos sculpture is one of the most famous crypto mysteries in the world. Recently, a TV documentary about Kryptos was made. Here’s my making-of report.

The encrypted inscription on the Kryptos sculpture located in front of the CIA building in Langley, Virginia, is the world’s most famous crypto puzzle. In March, a Kryptos gathering organized by Elonka Dunin will take place.