I’m looking forward to HistoCrypt 2019 (June 23-26 in Mons, Belgium). Among the speakers are many readers of this blog.

In case you haven’t noticed: my blog post about HistoCrypt 2019 from April 1st was an April’s fools joke. None of the famous speakers I announced …

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.. will actually speak there. At least, the only non-famous lecturer I mentioned (me), will give a presentation at HistoCrypt. It will be about the breaking of Ernest Rinzi’s diary by Tony Gaffney.

Source: Rare Book & Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Tony co-authored the paper I submitted. It provides a lot of new information about Rinzi and the codebreaking process.

The event website is available here. Registration is now open. Attending HistoCrypt costs between 80 and 300 Euros, depending on when you register, how long you stay and if you are a student.

Source: Schmeh

The conference program has been published recently. Among the highlights are the invited speeches:

  • Belgian cryptographers Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen will give a talk about the history of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • Bernard Fabrot, who recently solved the LCS35 cryptogram, will report on his great codebreaking success.
  • René Zandbergen (in my view, the world’s leading Voynich manuscript expert), will talk about the current state of Voynich manuscript research.
  • Bart Preneel (another famous Belgian cryptologist) will speak about his breaking of the Lumumba cryptograms.
  • Marc Mc Menamin (author of the book “The Codebreaker”) will introduce WW2 codebreaker Richard Hayes.
  • Historian Ingo Niebel will speak about the Zimmermann telegram.

From the many proposals submitted, 19 were chosen to be presented at HistoCrypt. Many of the speakers are involved in this blog:

  • Paolo Bonavoglia will speak about two little known Venetian cryptologists (to avoid confusion: the following picture shows Paolo and me, not the Venetian cryptologists ;-).

Source: Schmeh

  • Gerhard Strasser will introduce cryptologist Johann J. H. Bücking (1749-1838).

Source: Schmeh

  • Dermot Turing will speak about the Typex encryption machine.
  • George Lasry will even give two presentations.

Source: Schmeh

  • Jerry McCarthy will talk about recreating the Polish Bomba.
  • Nils Kopal will speak about breaking homophonic substitution ciphers.
  • Tobias Schrödel, together with Nils Kopal, will present a poster about cryptography books.

Belgian cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater …

Source: Schmeh

… is the Local Chair (i.e., the one who cares about all on-site activities) of HistoCrypt 2019. The conference will take place in the Mundaneum, a nice museum in Mons, Belgium. Jean-Jacques has arranged for a number of side events, including a conference dinner.

I can only recommend attending HistoCrypt 2019. I’m looking forward to seeing some of my readers in Mons.

Further reading: A great event: the European Historical Ciphers Colloquium 2017

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  1. #1 David Oranchak
    27. Mai 2019

    Wish I could be there! I look forward to reading your reports of the conference.