At the HistoCrypt in Mons I took a ten minutes video. Here it is.

As already mentioned, HistoCrypt 2019 was a great success. We had over 50 attendants, 30 talks, one workshop and lots of fun. Check here for the agenda. Here is a video I took at this event:

There is a similar video of last year’s HistoCrypt, which took place in Uppsala, Sweden. Next year’s edition will be held in Budapest, Hungary, organized by my fellow crypto history enthusiasts Beáta Megyesi and Benedek Láng.

Here are a few more photos from HistoCrypt 2019. The first one shows Gerhard Strasser, …

… who spoke about Johann J. H. Bücking (1749-1838), a medical doctor, inventor, and cryptologist. George Lasry …

… even gave two presentations (one about breaking the US encryption machine SIGABA and another one about the Playfair challenge from this blog he solved). Tom Juzek, whom I had never met before, …

… spoke about the Zodiac Killer. René Zandbergen …

… gave an invited talk about the Voynich manuscript (title: “No news about the Voynich MS?”). All this took place in the Mundaneum in Mons, Belgium.

I’m proud that I was …

… the program chair of this event.

Further reading: Craig Bauer defends his solution of the second Zodiac Killer cryptogram


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Kommentare (2)

  1. #1 Richard SantaColoma
    3. Juli 2019

    Thanks for sharing the video, Klaus. It looks like it was a wonderful event… and in a beautiful place, too.

  2. #2 Jerry McCarthy
    England, Europa
    3. Juli 2019

    It was a wonderful event (albeit in the middle of the European heatwave).

    Studying Hungarian now 🙂