John Haas and Christian Baumann, two blog readers who met when I invited both of them to a get-together in Vienna, have started an interesting project.

In October 2019, a few months before the corona virus prevented me from traveling, I spent a few days in Vienna, Austria. I gave a presentation at the Digitall Day, visited two crypto sights, and had a hot chocolate in one of the famous coffee houses. In addition, I took the chance to meet two blog readers I had been in email contact with for years but I had never seen in person: Christian Baumann (middle) and John Haas (right).

Source: Schmeh

Though Christian and John both live in Vienna and share an interest in crypto, they hadn’t known each other before our meeting. It appears, however, that the two got along with each other quite well. A few days ago, John informed me that he and Christian had started a common project: COVID 19 Monitor Österreich, a blockchain-based service platform for Austrian corona virus cases vailable via the URL I was delighted to hear that my blog had produced something useful.

Christian is known to readers of this blog as the developer of my Cryptologic Travel Guide. I have to admit that at the moment a corona crisis information platform is a little more useful than a travel page.

John and Christian write about COVID 19 Monitor Österreich:

This platform is the first to use a proven block chain technology to provide the public as well as institutions and research facilities with relevant data and evaluations in real time. Thus, for the first time, up-to-date and tamper-proof data regarding the COVID19 pandemic are available for Austria. For the initiative, the use of block-chain technology for public data represents a Europe-wide innovation that can have confidence-building and security-relevant effects. Behind this initiative are three citizens and entrepreneurs who have set themselves the goal of adding open, stable and reliable data in the spirit of the “Open Data” movement. The data presented will be provided in real time, automatically evaluated and graphically visualised online.

On the website, it can be seen that apart from John and Christian two other persons are involved:

Source: COVID 19 Monitor Österreich

The idea for this project came from Christian. He wanted to create a platform that stores data in an unchangeable, secure, and decentral way, transparent for everybody. Together with John he implemented this concept. COVID 19 Monitor Österreich provides automated data collection processes other platforms carry out by hand.

The underlying data is taken from official reports published by the Ministry of Health. It is presented and evaluated in a consolidated form without violating data protection regulations. COVID 19 Monitor Österreich is not intended as a substitute for official statistics but as a useful addition to existing public services.

Christian and John plan to extend their platform and perhaps offer it in other countries, as well. A smart phone app shall be launched soon. John, who is a psychologist by profession, intends to provide psychological information.

I’m proud that my blog has stimulated the development of a project that might be helpful for many people in the days of the corona crisis.

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Kommentare (2)

  1. #1 Klaus Schmeh
    4. April 2020

    David Heath via Facebook:
    Coronavirus as a service is the latest in the trend to promote Everything as a service offerings. All joking aside, a great idea, it would just be nice if there were some good ways to improve the accuracy of reported data.

  2. #2 Christian Berger
    4. April 2020

    Blockchains are like grappling hooks. They sound incredibly cool, but for virtually all practical use cases they are not the right tool for the job.