Here are two sequences of letters or symbols that look like encrypted messages, but are not. Can you guess what their real meaning is?

It took over three months and 55 comments on my blog. Now, Magnus Ekhall and Patrik Almqvist have solved the Ivory Coast cryptogram. Their work is based on a discovery by Christoph Tenzer.

In the preview of the new Batman movie, a ciphertext can be seen. Can a reader solve it?

Last year, blog readers Richard Bean, Frode Weierud and George Lasry broke a series of ciphertexts from the Biafran War. Now they have published the details in a research paper.

Harry Houdini (1874-1926), illusionist and pioneer of the skeptics movement, had an interest in ciphers. Can you solve two encrypted telegrams he mentioned in one of his essays?

For ten years, adventurers and puzzle fans have been hunting for a treasure hidden by US millionaire Forrest Fenn. As it seems, a person who wants to stay anonymous has now found it.

Gravestones bearing an encrypted or hidden message are one of my favorite blog topics. Here’s a speciment I recently discovered on Reddit.

In WW2, later US president John F. Kennedy and his crew disappeared after their torpedo boat had sunk. Can my readers help to make sense of an encrypted message that was sent a few days later?

Two years ago, I blogged about a beautiful encrypted postcard sent by a man named Fritz to his lover Leni. A blog reader has now made aware of a similar card from the same sender.

On Reddit I found two messages allegedly left behind by people who committed suicide.