Es gibt erstaunlich viele verschlüsselte Dokumente, bei denen es sich um Fälschungen handelt oder zumindest handeln könnte. Heute stelle ich fünf davon vor.

Dave Oranchak, einer der drei Codeknacker, die die zweite Zodiak-Killer-Nachricht gelöst haben, hat ein weiteres Video veröffentlicht. Darin gibt es neue Informationen zu diesem Jahrhundert-Erfolg.

Das ist die Krypto-Sensation des Jahrzehnts: Die seit 51 Jahren ungelöste zweite Nachricht des Zodiac-Killers wurde von Lesern dieses Blogs dechiffriert.

David Oranchak, a leading expert on the cryptograms of the Zodiac Killer, has published a video. It’s a must-see for everybody interested in this case.

The Zodiac Killer murdered five or more people and sent four encrypted messages to newspapers. The case and three of the cryptograms have never been solved.

At the HistoCrypt in Uppsala, Craig Bauer gave a talk about famous cryptograms. Among other things, he defended his solution of the second Zodiac Killer cryptogram, which was heavily criticized by the readers of this blog.

The second encrypted message from the Zodiac Killer is one of the world’s most famous unsolved cryptograms. According to computational linguist Tom Juzek, it will never be solved because no solution exists.

In 1991, an unknown person sent a number of letters to the presenter of the TV show “America’s Most Wanted”. The anonymous writer claimed to have committed 23 crimes. Some of the letters were encrypted in a similar style as the Zodiac Killer messages.

A few years after the Zodiac murders, an unknown person sent a letter to an address in Albany, NY, claiming that he was the Zodiac Killer and that he intended to start killing again. A few lines of this letter are encrypted. The cleartext is unknown.

20 years after the last message of the infamous Zodiac Killer an unknown person sent a Zodiac-style postcard to a California newspaper. As far as I know, it has never been deciphered.