Three unsolved microcryptograms

Three times short but unsolved is the motto today. Can my readers decipher these three very short texts with unknown meanings?

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A sequence of letters or symbols does not have to be particularly long to attract the interest of puzzle solvers. On the contrary: as a crypto-interested person, one repeatedly encounters short sequences of letters or symbols that have to be deciphered. Often these are not encryption in the strict sense, but such “microcryptograms” (originally I used the term “mini-cryptogram”) are usually exciting anyway.

Three microcryptograms that have recently come to my attention I would like to present today.

Before I do, however, I’d like to pass along a question to my readers. Flavio Reato would like to know if there are any solutions to the puzzles in the book “Secret Codes” by Stephen Pincock and Mark Frary. I only have the original English edition at hand right now, titled “Codebreaker”. There are seven challenges listed in it. Please put any relevant hints in the comment field.


A Jewish epitaph

But now to the actual topic. Let’s start with a microcryptogram I came across myself. The week before last I was at the Jewish cemetery in Hamburg (thanks to Gerhard Strasser for the tip). There I noticed the following gravestone:

Quelle/Source: Schmeh

Unfortunately, the letter sequence SAGDG means nothing to me. Does a reader know something about it? I strongly suspect that there is no encryption in the actual sense here. It is much more likely that it is an abbreviation. By the way, the rest of the inscription is in Portuguese.


A Graffito

Microcryptogram number two was pointed out to me by blog reader Ruth Krämer-Klink. Ms. Krämer-Klink drew my attention years ago to the fascinating paintings of Charles Dellschau and the ciphers they contain. Her current tip is again about art, more precisely about a graffito on the Damaschkeplatz in Groß-Herau (Hesse) that has been painted over in the meantime:

Quelle/Source: Krämer-Klink

The cryptogram is circled. It consists of only five symbols. It would be interesting to know what they mean. At the moment a documentary about art in Groß-Gerau is being made, for which this graffito could also be relevant.



Microcryptogram number three comes once again from Reddit. There you can see the following tattoo:

Quelle/Source: Reddit

Does any reader know what this sequence of symbols stands for? As is unfortunately common on Reddit, there is not much background to this cryptogram. Nevertheless, I would appreciate any hints.

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