There seems to be an error in the ciphertext, making the word “was” come out as “oas”.

The remaining seven stones don’t have an encrypted inscription. They look nice anyway. This is stone number 3:


Number 4:


Number 5:


Number 6:


Number 7:


Number 8:


Number 9:


And here’s a plate giving some information about the collection:


All in all, I enjoyed my trip to the Cheltenham Listening Stones very much. I can only recommend going there. If you want to see more, here’s a short video:

Further reading: Who can break these three encrypted postcards?

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  1. #1 Dan Girard
    11. September 2016


    There’s something I probably should have mentioned in the comments last year. While I was searching for information about the poem in the Playfair cryptogram, I found this Wikipedia page about the “Devil’s Chimney” rock formation at Leckhampton Hill:

    If you click on the first photo on the right side of the page, and then zoom in on the upper right corner of the photo, you can see the GCHQ building clearly visible in the background.

    Since the “Donut” can be seen from the “Devil’s Chimney”, I wonder if the reverse is true, and the “Chimney” can be seen from the “Donut” (perhaps with the aid of binoculars). After checking Google Maps, I would guess that the distance between the two is only about 5 km.

    In any case, it looks as if you had a very pleasant afternoon.

    Dan Girard

  2. #2 Klaus Schmeh
    13. September 2016

    Thanks for this information. I didn’t see the “Devil’s Chimney” from Hester’s Way Park, but I didn’t look out for it. The chimney might be a good point to see the “Donut” and take pictures of it.