A video clip of US rock band Linkin Park shows a wall with an encrypted inscription. Can a reader decipher it?

Earlier this week Chester Bennington died. I have to admit that I neither knew him nor his band Linkin Park. As it seems, I was born in the wrong generation to listen to this kind of music.

However, the many obituaries I saw in the press made me curious. I decided to watch a few Linkin Park video clips on YouTube. The second one I tried was titled In The End:

I stopped this video after a few seconds because I saw something I really hadn’t expected – a wall with a strange inscription:


There’s no doubt that this is a text encrypted with a pigpen cipher (or an imitation thereof).


The pigpen cipher

The pigpen cipher (also known as Freemason’s cipher, because it was popular among the Freemasons) is known in several variants. Usually, the cipher alphabet is derived from four tables in the following way:


Using this scheme, the cleartext X MARKS THE SPOT is encrypted as follows:


Sometimes a randomized order of the letters in the four tables is used to make the system more secure. In addition, there are pigpen variants based on only three tables (i.e., the STUV part and the WXYZ part in the figure above are replaced by another 3×3 table with two dots in each field).

The pigpen cipher has been in wide use for centuries – on postcards, grave stones, medals and other objects. Click here and here for examples.




The Linkin Park cryptogram

Hiding a message in a video/movie/telecast to create publicity is not necessarily a new idea. Here are a few examples (does a reader know more?):

Although the cryptogram in the Linkin Park video clip is clearly visible, there seems to be not much information available about it. When I typed in terms like “Linkin Park cipher” or “Linkin Park pigpen” on Google I didn’t find anything.

If the message in the video is really a pigpen cryptogram it should be possible to solve it. Can a reader do so?

Further reading: How FBI codebreakers found out what “K1, P2, CO8, K5, P2” means

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Kommentare (28)

  1. #1 Michael
    22. Juli 2017

    There is also a code hidden in the series Fringe. Between the film scenes a glyph appears. The glyphes in each episode make up a word (see https://de.fringe.wikia.com/wiki/Glyphs)

  2. #2 Nina
    22. Juli 2017

    Anscheinend wurde diese Botschaft schon auf ihre Verbindung zu bösen Mächten hin untersucht.

    Einige italienische Verschwörungstheoretiker (absichtlich keine Verlinkung zu centrosangiorgio, dort unter Musica satanica – Alfabeti magici) haben folgende Lösung gefunden:

    linke Seite: AKC, Karma, Deadsy, Linkin Park, Lurchen, Minutm, Hannah, LP
    rechte Seite: Pu, Mask, Linkin, Park, Deadsy, Hannah, MrHahn, Linkin, MC

  3. #3 BREAKER
    22. Juli 2017

    OOOOOH I can……

    Chester and Bennington are two towns in Vermont. Coincidence, but something to notice of how he was used to deliver a certain eerie message from the “Vault”

    Tried a Masonic Cipher….. it looks like its forming a few different types of results and some of the characters were blurred, but I think I grabbed all but the last two symbols in the cipher as shown. I also tried the La Buse Cipher derivatives but that was missing a few symbols…..

    But another little Treasure Map game….

    His name is used in the My Name Is Cipher to deliver a message as was to show he was a target in their “Celebrity Cipher Series” that is geared to eliminate “Stars” that won’t play their songs.

    He was being harassed/stalked by a female employee of Sandia National Laboratories

    Another quote with cryptic meaning…..

    “I Found This In Ignorance……. Over And Over Again”

    IGNORANCE can anagram to:



    Now to the Ciphers…..the physical translations confirm the suspicions exactly for what they are.

    The segment I produced above is then run through a ROT system to create a series of words that are interwoven…..planned events that transpired recently ……

    He was whacked after these affairs had finally timed out. The same as Chris Cornell

    ROT 2-10 results have these words interwoven into random text.

    SNGLE SNGLE EZ PIG PSY PSY (Sandia Laboratories “Fan Stalker” hacked him and made numerous threats of him being watched)

    JWS WORKS FROM (Those are my initials BTW)

    JOELIE BIG EXCHANGE REKNOWN QUEEN DED EXEC (Her meeting with Queen Elizabeth shows her interests are not face value)

    KPIN DOD PAZ DIP DIP PAZ DAHUQF (DAFUQ?) Looks like Hip Hop slang that is related to Klonopin

    WHOM CONCERNS POPULOUS POPULAR CULTURE CHO CHO PETA VILE CULTURE PULL A LULZ (Messages to Pop Culture?) Speaks of Margaret Cho, an abuse advocate like Chester Bennington was)



    Now I don’t know what pigpen you see them using, but the message is clearly decorated in Masonic format and the system I used was the basic Above as it is Below method of arranging the letters in the X templates……

    Just saying…….I was a prominent DJ at one point in negotiations with numerous Entertainment Industry Officials that knew my DJ Name…..

    And JDub was that name until the Israeli LAKAM decided to use it to launch their front to create an image of “Semitism in Israeli Music” through the lyrics and music of Matisyahu. These NYU guys ripped me off after I went to NYC and dropped an info bomb at MTVNews and the IATSE in regards to activity going on behind the scenes in the Industry.

    I knew there was something in this image, because I am that very person mentioned in the last line in the ROT 10 results.

    I love letting other people prove my birthright exists….that is the exuberance that these entities fear and why they are hunting “Stars” that won’t play their roles.


    Its really a fortune cookie…..put the two sides together

  4. #4 Thorsten
    22. Juli 2017

    When I substituted the glyphs with latin letters using the default pigpen key some letter combinations worked very well to be readable while other letters did not fit in. Especially the pattern HAJJAH looked very interesting, as there are only a few English words that matched this pattern. So I went with HANNAH and tried to rearrange the pigpen key. So I guess this is the key they used:

    Using this cipher I get:
    1] ?KC | PH
    2] KARMA | MASK
    4] LINKIN | PARK
    5] PARK | DEADSY
    9] LP | MC

    It looks to me these are some kind of credits. Deadsy is a heavy metal band, connected to Linkin Park by band member Joe Gordon was a former producer of Linkin Park. Mr Hahn (nickname of Joe Hahn) is the director of the video clip.

  5. #5 BREAKER
    22. Juli 2017


    Who’s the HANNAH ?

    What were the other matches?

  6. #6 BREAKER
    22. Juli 2017

    HAJ is the Islamic Pilgrimage. Jah is the Semitic God King.

    Linkin Park never spoke about either of these items, nor the HANNAH or HENNA as its pronounced in the middle east. It also said FK ALLA in the cipher results I found.

    And the fact it speaks in both the “Default” cipher, and the Masonic Cipher being used to deliver a secondary message makes it seem like the front is even more planned out.

    He WAS officially being stalked/hacked/harassed by an employee of Sandia National Laboratories

    The ROT 2-10 results delivered extrapolated messages that are clear.

    This was all set up. Jay Z even released a 4:44 Album recently…….a trigger?

  7. #7 Tony
    22. Juli 2017

    Hi Klaus, I never thought to look for a pigpen font for my PC, but saw in one of your images, and downloaded from https://fonts2u.com/pigpen-regular.font

    When my children were in elementary school I used pigpen during “career day” to illustrate crypto, the cleartext was “SCHOOL IS FUN” and kids really seemed to enjoy that exercise.

    As an additional exercise, I also used a paper cipher wheel they assembled themselves.

  8. #9 BREAKER
    23. Juli 2017

    ?KC | PH

    This is the same beginning to the ?ESCHAPO cipher that was found in the Fair Game Cipher that Sean Penn began in his 2010 movie…..this is getting crazier by the minute……this is all about a group of CIA sponsored Media that are being promoted…..while others in protest of their Cabal monopoly are being whacked.

    Chris Cornell and now Chester Bennington

    This time using the KC or Kurt Cobain labels from the Zodiac Celebrity Cipher.

  9. #10 BREAKER
    23. Juli 2017


    He was stabbed with a drug and it was made to look like a hanging…..

    THE LP MC is the JAY Z Hint…

  10. #11 BREAKER
    23. Juli 2017

    They used the tattoos to mask the puncture wound…..

    MASK DEAD SYL……the seal punctured, his skin INKed

  11. #12 Smørrebrød
    23. Juli 2017

    It all started well… then a crank showed up…

  12. #13 BREAKER
    24. Juli 2017

    Then Spellchecker Tookover

  13. #14 BREAKER
    24. Juli 2017

    How do you get those cool slashed o’s in your name?

    That’s a cool effect that we don’t have here in Vermont.

    I’m kinda jealous.

  14. #15 Hawk
    24. Juli 2017

    It’s called a foreign language in Vermont…

  15. #16 BREAKER
    24. Juli 2017

    @ Hawk

    Ich bin mir bewusst, dass es ein europäischer Dialekt ist

    But really what did you think about the case when seeing the two different PigPens used?

  16. #17 BREAKER
    24. Juli 2017

    My final Kommentar

    This is a form of shorthand or a Stennograph message.

    ?KC – HOW K(ill) C(hester)
    PHARMA K(ill) ARM
    HAJJAH (have a 10) MINUT(e)
    MR Z
    HA(ve) HN(an) HAJJAH (father) LIAKIN (like kin)
    LP (Linkin Park)
    MC (Master of Ceremonies)

    For more on the Adventures of MR. Z check this video out……seems the “Stars” are either working for or against this Terror network.

  17. #18 BREAKER
    24. Juli 2017

    He was injected with “INSYLIN” as the evidence shows….its all there in the cipher

  18. #19 Klaus Schmeh
    24. Juli 2017

    @Thorsten: Thank you very much!! Great job! I think this solution is correct. It certainly makes sense that the cleartext contains some kind of credits.

  19. #20 Thomas
    24. Juli 2017

    Karma = Nathan “Karma” Cox (video director)
    Hannah = video actress? (https://m.imdb.com/name/nm8088579/)

  20. #21 Klaus Schmeh
    24. Juli 2017

    A making-of of the video (thanks to Gabi for sending me the link):

  21. #22 Kara
    25. Juli 2017

    The writing is always on the walls > glad there are minds that think a like. I mean, how old is this video and there’s practically zero discussion on it. Stay Vigilant.

  22. #23 BREAKER
    25. Juli 2017

    There is a ton of talk @Kara

    The people are either left believing what they were told about the case or have taken off on their involvement with the Clinton Foundation

    The ciphers were built into their matrix of affairs in the media as well as the nature of their discussions being wrapped around another “Mystery” Death.

    These are all somewhat skeptical as to the reported crime scenes showing more than a suicide, and it shows that they were deeply involved in donations from the very foundation that they claim to now be fighting.

    What I see is there is no true single answer to their motives. They are involved in money that is dirty and were taking these donations knowing that they were associating with criminal affairs.

    The Clintons set up these cover companies to create a buffer for their operations in the Caribbean…..the ones they have been plotting…..

    #Swordfish is the label online that is talking about releasing a huge leak about their affairs. Swordfish was a DEA money skimming operation that showed there were numerous agents involved in taking portions of confiscated money in the affairs in the

    1) Get Shorty…El Chapo….using Sean Penn (Haiti Charities)
    2) Target El Toro, Set up a revolution in Venezuela as a cover up, and distraction and create a shipping line for their coke to be shipped to their agencies in Haiti that are fronts for their affairs
    3) Set up media press releases of donations to front companies to show that there is a Humanitarian effort to turn heads away (who would suspect that right?)
    4) Then eliminate any leaks.

    It shows that as soon as there was more info related to their fronts being exposed after John Ashe’s death on June 22nd 2016 there was a considerable amount of jockeying to cover up the suspicious death by “Suffocating while working out from a barbell collapsing his trachea.

    Then their

    And after figuring it all out, that Trump’s Associates were Draining the Swamp, and there were other players coming out with info, these bands then turned their backs to cover their associations as these bands were “reaching out to their fans” releasing leaks and playing innocent, that they are now looking for more support from their fans in investigating the deaths of their band leaders in this inquiry called #PizzaGate.

    It seems like they are ALL lying about some degree of involvement and that their stories all lead back to a partnership they made to prop their charities up and to provide Drug Smuggling Connections in the new channels of operations from Venezuela to Haiti to Florida and Boston. DC and NYC are their media and political wings. LA is the drugged out dreg of their interest in creating a wasteoid society following the media and immersed in the entertainment of the days.

    In fact a number of Charities associated with the Clintons have been seen as ways to create constituents for their elections. They raise excessive amounts of money during their campaigns, and throughout their reelections they make massive donations of money to make themselves appear humanitarian, and at the same time garner public attention for their constituents to “Believe” that their games are for positive reforms and assistance of the locals.

    There may be two stars that are involved in their own deaths, and the fact that they were playing their cards in private, and there were subtle leaks that made these out to look like they were murders, they in fact were murders that related to information that they made public a long time ago.

    The information in “PedoGate” comes directly from the many spinoffs of the Chris Cornell affair, and were left unattended by their organizations. These players were all later shown to be in bed with the Clinton Election Campaign.

    They didn’t really spend their time exposing the affairs so that the public and investigators could make sense of it all.

    They left it as another Entertainment Industry Mystery and that shows they are trying to make money off the whole affair.

    Twisted at all points. The guy who made the video obviously doesn’t want to take responsibility, as the guy acts completely oblivious to the coded messages he is passing.

    Using two different systems the codes reveal the fact that the “Credits” in the cipher can be segregated differently, and the second message shows the threats more clearly as there are behind the scenes affairs.

    They turned on their financiers who were tied to major operations that provided them their $ and their drugs, and when they cried abuse and set off a windfall of leaks they became targets.

    This is all just Game Theory from a guy from Princeton of course.

  23. #24 Reverend
    26. Juli 2017

    Cant the hannah be code for Hannah Montana, the altar-ego if Miley Cyrus? She is definitely MKULTRA. All of her Twitter pics and tweets are about babies and pizza. It’s pretty creepy.

  24. #25 BREAKER
    26. Juli 2017

    The Z13 My Name Is Cipher is from the Zodiac Bus Bomb Letter.

    Is used to activate affairs when there is a “Battle” in the mainstream. The more “Hits” they make the more that star’s name is used to conduct attacks. This has been seen in recent times more with Ariana Grande in the events that transpired in the mainstream.

    They are fed pizza and drugs to shut them up as they are used over and over in numerous ways. Kinda Sick.

    Hannah Montana ran through the cipher systems produces a message that she has an Anonymous Gay man in the Management Team on her tours that is involved in the Pizza Gate….her twitter flying the gay flag shows she is not gay, but that the Pizza and Gay are the themes she is flying like a signal flag.

  25. #26 Hardtosay
    29. Juli 2017

    @BREAKER this is a lot of info that does make a bit more sense then the crap that’s being pushed on both sides. How do you know all of this? If you can’t answer that then do you have more info? Also if they killed him with insulin it would show at autopsy. Swordfish has only put out info on very few things so far and not enough to tie it all together. I get that travistock is part of it and should be a big huge link but we can’t link it all together yet. Dearman is not enough. The videos are to vague. Is this stuff the leaks that got them killed?

  26. #27 Breaker
    26. Juli 2019

    Seems convoluted I know

    1) Artists are set up with contracts – as “Stars”
    2) They are given all kinds of perks and connections
    3) They are then forced to support a candidate or endorse a political cause of some sort related to the media’s latest pushes for attention
    4) The artists are then blackmailed if they ever tell the tales about what they have seen at gatherings and the inner workings of the Industry used as a front for dealings in all sorts of illegalities
    5) Artists are also given a stage name
    6) Chester and Bennington are two towns in Vermont where a large amount of drugs are being pushed, coincidentally
    7) These names play off of the Z13 Zodiac Cipher, or the My Name Is Cipher ____ with a Stitching method, to work out to show a series of stennos that speak of their stage image, and then they double as a description of a certain chaotic or terrorist act.
    8) Upon figuring anything related to this out, most are eliminated once they start to tell the tale about their experiences. They are exposed for their bad behavior or are set up for a fall, or even killed
    9) In some cases they are set up in one of their albums with predictive images and scenes that dress their already depressing music and rollercoaster of emotions with the hidden plans for their own deaths.

    In this case there was a cipher in the video, and when it was broken down it showed that he was a targeted individual that could reveal something that would cripple their own organization and it’s controllers.

    This apparently led to the top of the Democratic Party as both Chester and Chris Cornell were killed off after seeing the Clinton Foundation in operation. Podesta and Clinton were moguling with the Democratic Party being rallied to support their careers, with the embezzlement of Haitian Petrodollar Loans from Venezuela generating millions for their embezzlement and laundering funds, along with the child trafficking, and the numerous drug connections they formed in the Industry.

    These guys in the industry will sell you and your children to keep their sham going.

    Their leaks by Cornell were not really that revealing, but triggered suspicion about Bennington being close to Clinton/Podesta for some reason and he seemed to be doing some of the pissing as well.

    As with something this big you have to hammer it into the public and even though they will accept your story and change their political views, they still might not take your involvement too lightly….for a lot of stars that are doped up, they are triggered into suicidal tendencies from the loss of popularity, but some are also faking their moods for money, and are spreading that attitude through their music, showing how two faced they are.

    I only watch it from a distance and as a former Rigger and Stagehand I stayed away from Stardom, opting for gigs working the set ups and load outs, instead of taking advantage of the pop opportunities I could have had as a DJ.

    I watched them take off with my DJ name and create a cover front company for Israeli “Cultural” Music, using JDub Records to launch Matisyahu into the mainstream.

    Again this info comes from raw cryptographic info in the case of Linkin Park frontman and Chris Cornell, but the talk is that there are so many that are killed off because of the monopoly they have had since the first conglomerate “Zodiac Records” was formed (later Capitol Records)

    And there are ciphers like the Celebrity Cypher to prove it as well from the “Zodiac”


  27. #28 A
    Lurchen = poison from an amphibian
    19. Juli 2020

    Lurchen = poison from an amphibian