Craig also spoke about the Paul Rubin murder case (a story he discovered and made available to the crypto history community), which was quite interesting. I recorded this part of the talk on video, too. I will write about it later.

Finally, Craig challenged his audience with an encrypted text that was found in a bible in his hometown York, Pennsylvania. Here it is:


The solution of this cryptogram is known. Armin Krauß found it within minutes, others deciphered this message, too. Can a reader break this ciphertext, as well?

Further reading: A great event: the European Historical Ciphers Colloquium 2017


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Kommentare (13)

  1. #1 TWO
    20. Juni 2018

    This bible……??


  2. #2 Lance Estes
    20. Juni 2018

    I am disappointed that Craig Bauer would defend his solution. In the TV series it was painfully clear that he was forcing a solution based on what he thought might be there, and then claiming gibberish when it no longer worked. C’mon really!? And if that is not enough for you, consider that in one section where he claims the plain as reading NOW angry dangeros, the cipher that represents the W in NOW, was earlier recovered as a T in NIGHT. So maybe the Zodiac is NOT angry dangeros! Those statements are on nearly opposite ends of the spectrum. You just can’t do this. 🙁

    If it helps for folks to see the Bauer solution, Nick Pelling had a nice column that includes it.

  3. #3 Peter
    20. Juni 2018

    This bible was bought in England.
    I got this bible from Mrs. Walter
    right for another bible. AIAU.

  4. #4 TWO
    Rome, Italy
    21. Juni 2018


    Good job, you got it but you missed the date.

    A I A U
    1 9 1 2 1

    January 1912


  5. #5 TWO
    Rome, Italy
    21. Juni 2018

    This is how to break this cryptogram

    Assume the first word which looks like DHIZ means THIS

    the second word has 5 letters, the second letter is an I *and you are looking at at a bible? Make an educated guess

    T H I S B I B L E

    fill in the known/guesed letters.

    # # S B # # H # E # # L # # #

    the third word is obviously BOUGHT

    # # S B O U G H T E # # L # # #

    fill in again

    # # S B O U G H T E N G L A N D

    # A S B O U G H T E N G L A N D

    W A S B O U G H T E N G L A N D

    If you don’t forget the word IN, like I did it is even easier

    One dot = space
    Two dots = dot


  6. #6 TWO
    21. Juni 2018

    Who can solve the cryptogram I made?


    I dedicate this to Bill Lann and Jew Lee Briere.

    Two dedicated hard working cryptanalysts, they sacrifice all their free time for their country.
    True Cold War warriors…


  7. #7 TWO
    Aachen, Germany
    26. Juni 2018

    Maybe not the right place but just for a laugh:

    B E R L I N – C L O C K – W G D K Z X T J C D – U P – X – U S A – F L Y – W E S T

  8. #8 Breaker
    27. Juni 2018

    The problem with these symposiums and the numerous “Book Deals” is that they are not really doing it for me…..

    One NSA “Fellow” Dave Oranchek has already asserted that he cannot break them, and offered discussions that ask the question “When do we know when to stop trying to solve them?” and has a pretty good following explaining that critical fact to everyone that he meets. That he cannot solve them, and that we should stop trying because ?

    The same “Fellow” on the show “Hunting the Zodiac”, Craig Bauer, has been instrumental in using the most advanced cpu tech to also assert that he cannot solve them. With this monumental opportunity on national tv you would think that they would find these associates crucial to solving it all for the ratings, but instead barely touched on the ciphers, instead focusing on strands of patterns that they had made up software for years before the show, offering the chance to see “new” info. Didnt happen then either?

    Computer makes some patterns appear, and the interest disappears.

    Instead as a consolation Kevin Knight, Craig Tester, and D. Oranchek decided again what there was for us to see about their discoveries, behind their secretive codebreaking partnership……he offers yet another online system that can “write poetry, like a serial killer”, using his computer to generate the lines of these Mikado Haiku’s at any time.

  9. #9 Breaker
    27. Juni 2018

    If you want to talk book deal…. lets roll

  10. #10 Jürgen Koller
    18. September 2018

    Hallo Klaus!

    Geht man bei Bauers Lösung in die Tiefe, so ergibt sich für mich jedenfalls das Bild, dass sie sich nicht wesentlich von meiner, jedenfalls der Wertigkeit nach, unterscheidet. Ich jedoch toure nicht durch die halbe Welt und verkünde, den Z340 gelöst zu haben.


  11. #11 EPotts
    22. Oktober 2018

    I have something better no one has seen yet.

  12. #12 NowhereMan
    5. November 2018

    I feel embarrassed for this guy. It’s one thing to produce something silly for a TV show, but quite another to try to defend it to people who should actually be more interested in the facts than being on TV. That he speaks with such certainty is really annoying, especially given that he will never submit a paper on this topic to his own journal, Cryptologia, as it would be ripped to shreds.

  13. #13 Sharon Lindimore
    15. Mai 2023

    Zodiac could not cipher, Those are really translations of another language that is not seen often. You can see what he said without any errors if you just put them (and special char) in Google translator. Just takes a few hours for them all and 15 min for Z13 and Z32. Carmel was worthless. All you need is a few hours to do every one and pencil and paper and google translator. You may get arabic on some. In that case convert the arabic to english. And that is all there is to it. They arent ciphers. Name is in Z340 and Z408 only. Z13 and Z32 are red herrings. So is the map. Generally I do not believe what serial killers say but I guess millions of people do. Thank you