The Reihenschieber was a simple encryption device used by the Germans in the Cold War. I built a model of it with Lego bricks. Can you solve an encrypted text I produced with it?

Just like every end of year, I am awarding the Golden Alice for outstanding achievements in the field of crypto history.

Enigmas are getting more and more expensive. In New York, a four rotor naval Enigma has now sold for almost half a million dollars.

The first Enigma models were complex and expensive. Only when Enigma inventor Arthur Scherbius simplified the design of his machine it became practicable.

In 1941 the German chemicals group Bayer sent an encrypted letter to Columbia. British codebreakers were able to decipher it.

Around 1990 David Kahn, the father of crypto history, met a tall man wearing a suit and glasses. This is documented on a photograph. Does anybody recognize this man?

In World War 2 the Germans used more than a dozen different cipher machines. A few more were developped but not used in practice. This article gives an overview.

Swiss army veteran, Max Rüegger operated an Enigma in Korea in the the 1960s. Here’s his intriguing report.

Seit fast zehn Jahren steht in Posen (Polen) ein Denkmal zu Ehren der polnischen Enigma-Dechiffrierer. Darauf befinden sich lange Zahlenkolonnen. Bilden diese einen verschlüsselten Text?

Für die Zeitschrift iX habe ich eine Ärztin interviewt. Sie hat mir verraten, wie bei ihrem Arbeitgeber, einem Krankenhaus, Krypto-Technik verwendet wird. Leider sieht die Praxis etwas anders aus, als man es sich als Krypto-Fachmann vorstellt.